3 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Holiday-Ready

Posted on June 14 2023

With the holidays right around the corner, the team at Modern Display has compiled some decorating tips and trends to get your home ready for what promises to be one of the most important holiday seasons in quite some time.

1. The trimming doesn’t end with just one tree

There are lots of different ways to decorate your home for Christmas, but the most popular, by far, is decorating the tree. But you don’t have to stop the fun at just one tree!  Spread holiday cheer throughout the house by putting up multiple trees.

Our decorating guru, Melissa Eror, tells us that, “A trend we’re seeing is multiple trees in a home that coordinate with the rooms they are placed in.”  For example, you can decorate the Christmas tree in the living room to be more formal and classier, while the tree in the family room might be more fun and colorful. The kids can get in on the act by putting up a small tree that they decorate in their playroom or bedroom.

“Putting up multiple trees really makes a statement and is an easy way to spread your holiday decorations throughout the home,” Eror said

2. Pick a theme and work around it

Feeling stressed with all of the decorating options? A simple way to decorate for Christmas is to pick a general theme and decorate your home within that theme.

If you aren’t sure where to start when picking a theme, think about family traditions, interior décor styles and colors or holiday themes such as Candy Cane, North Pole, Holly and Ivy, etc.

A mixed metal color look is an easy theme to start with – but it’s one that can have dramatic results. While possibly a little counter-intuitive, mixing gold, silver and copper can create a really elegant look for your home. Pick one main metal and accent it with the others.

“Gold is a really great color to be the dominant one, and highlight that with silver and bronze accents,” Eror said. “If you decide to go this route, stick with soft white lights on the tree and primarily gold ornaments, accented with smaller silver and bronze ornaments.”

3. Tie a Bow on it!

To get a home that is brimming with holiday cheer, don’t stop after you are finished with the tree. Accessorize throughout the home with additional décor.

Stockings can be used as décor elements as well as receptacles for all of Santa’s goodies.  Put them out early to dress up your mantle!  Coordinating the stockings with each other looks tasteful and can look even better when paired with a stocking holder. Numerous stores – including Modern Display – sell many options that act as stocking holders so you can get one that is just your style.

Throw pillows are also a simple way to quickly add to your holiday decorations, and they instantly change the look of the entire room. Try different pillows to coordinate with your existing sofas and chairs to bring a custom designer look to the room.

Wall art is also a great way to spruce things up.  Hanging Holiday phrases or artwork on the wall is incredibly popular, inexpensive and EASY!

Doormats are another colorful and easy way to set the scene and welcome guests to your home. Swap out a normal doormat for one with a Holiday theme or message.